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Rebuild a catalog

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Because there is no easy way to see or read the catalogs for retrospect backups I keep a spreadsheet. I fell a little behind and am checking it now. According to my spreadsheet, there a few projects that should be on the tape backup but are not. I tried browsing all the backups I made and also tried to restore to see what was actually on the LTO.


That's why I keep a spreadsheet, because using restore and then aborting or using Past Backups and Browsing takes way too long. 


Anyway I am curious what I should do ? It is a 3 tape set (4.7GB) and from what I remember a Rebuild takes as long as backing up the files, which I don't have anymore. It is possible they are not in my past backups but actually were backed up which is why I want to rebuild the catalog.


So the question is…Rebuild or repair and how long will this take approx? I am imagining a day or 2. Is this correct?


Is there anything I am missing, meaning is there an easier way to see if these files are on the drive? I assume that a restore just looks at the catalog file on my mac, so it won't show the missing files.



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If you have "fast catalog rebuild" enabled, you only need to read the last tape. A partial catalog file is store at the beginning of each new tape when the backup runs.

Reading the tape is faster that a backup or restore, since there is no hard drive feeding/receiving the files contents. The rebuild is as fast as the tape drive can read.


Normally, Retrospect shows only the last snapshot for each source. To show older snapshots, select Media Sets and then Backups. In the lower right coner is a button "Retrieve...". Click that to retrieve (show) older snapshots.

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