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When I click on the Send Test e-mail button in the email settings in Retrospect, I get a message that says :

no server found at that address (-597)

or I'll get a message:

Invalid response from SMTP server (-592).


I'm using an IP address to send to a local email server, not going outside our internal network.


From the same machine running Retrospect, I can telnet into the SMTP server and send an email.  So I know everything is working from the machine.  There seems to be a problem with Retrospect.  How can I find out what is going on with Retrospect not sending out emails.




Running Retrospect 10.5 on xserve 10.6.8.

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Apologies for reviving an old thread but this may help someone.


I was having this issue with Retrospect 12 and a local internal Exchange server:


"Invalid response from SMTP server (-592)"


The solution was to tick the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" box even though the Exchange server doesn't in our case but leave the username and password fields blank.


This forces Retrospect to use port 587.


Thanks to Robin Mayoff for this tip here

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FYI - tcpdump is your friend, if you want to "see" the exchange between the server and the server. Do a "man tcpdump" on the server machine, and select the IP of the mail server as the "target" with tcpdump. All the traffic between the server and the email server will be revealed.

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