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Replacing 2 media members with 1 new one

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I'm sorry if this might come across as a stupid question (with a simple solution). But I just don't seem to find an answer in the manual that I understand...


I run a retrospect backup of my office server to my home computer. 


So far I've had two Members (2TB & 500GB) doing the job and they work fine. I'd now like to replace the two members with just one 4TB disk.


What's the easiest and best way to go about this? Do I set up the 4TB as a third member and then mark the two existing ones as lost?


Thank you very much!






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For the record, I don't think it's a silly question at all.


It is not clear to me how "members" work, and the documentation is thin on exactly what they are for, and under what conditions they do what.


My experience with "members" is with tape. I have not experimented with disk "members", but it appears that they work like tape, with new "members" simply adding storage capacity to an existing media set. When a "member" is listed as "lost", I presume that all the files contained in the "member" are considered "lost" as well. I would think that the next incremental (normal) backup would re-copy those files to any storage member that is available, but this would lose files that no longer exist on user storage, and would lose any "snapshots" that were on the "lost" "member".


I miss the ability to "rotate" my backups. I used to be able to set up a script to point to media set MEDIA1 and run it for a month, and then when MEDIA1 was ready to be "rotated", I could push a button and Retro would create MEDIA1[001]. I did not have to change the script. I did not have to do any lengthy operations to copy the data somewhere else so I could re-use MEDIA1. It was fast and error free. For "file" media sets, I could use normal copy operations to move the old media set elsewhere, or copy it to tape using Retro. (although Retro 8+ does a MUCH better job of copying to tape.....)


With the new "disk" media sets, "copying" has been problematic, with some futzing and/or rebuilding being required. (Just a moment ago, I did an experiment that tells me I CAN move disk sets with a minimum of messing about. I'll post separately about that)

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