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Force PROACTIVE Script to Run

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What do you mean? 

Does it scan the client?

Does it find the clients?

But it doesn't backup any of them?

You should be able to look at "Activities" to find out more about what is wrong. For instance "Needs Media" is a common message for Proactive backups not backing up anything.

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Do you mean say you have a proactive script set to back something up every 24 hours and it's already backed up something today, but you want to run it again today?


If so, just click on the activity for "tomorrow" and then click on "schedule".  That sets the time to right now.   When you click on the "schedule" button, the proactive script should start running because the activity is set to ASAP at that point.

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I usually just find the client in the backup report, highlight the info that says when the last backup happened and delete that info. Be careful not to delete all clients backup information. This should put the client at or near the top of the Proactive list. Sometimes I have to go to history and delete some past history as well.

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redleader and Insixdays,

I don't know anything about Proactive scripts, because I don't use them.  However Retrospect Mac 15 (and Retrospect Windows 15) introduced a new feature called "Proactive AI", described in this Knowledge Base article.  If you read the "Algorithm" section of that article and look at what it says the algorithm used to be, it, you may be able to figure out why some of your Proactive scripts aren't running.

If that gives you an explanation, and it sounds as though the new algorithm would fix your problem, you may want to consider upgrading.  As I've said before, I've never worked for Retrospect Inc. or its predecessor companies.  You could always try a 45-day free trial.

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On 2/19/2018 at 12:31 PM, redleader said:

Maser that kind of does it, but something else is happening, some PROACTIVEs do not run even if I click the Schedule button and re-tie them ...


If by any chance those Proactive scripts are backing up Windows clients, you ought to read this Knowledge Base article.  I know you're now running Retrospect Mac, but I've done a Forums search and found you used to run Retrospect Windows.  (If that was at a different installation, please forgive me.)  There doesn't seem to be any equivalent to the retro_defer file for Mac clients.

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In first sentence, I meant to say "If ... those Proactive scripts _are_ backing up Windows clients ...."
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