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Is it a good idea to verify a Media Set (HD backup)?

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Hi All, 

Is it a good idea in Retro 10 to do a complete Media Set verify regularly? If so, how often are you doing this?


I reorganized my backup plan and now  just wondering – should I use the longer "Entire Media Set" verification step? Already doing a separate, shorter media set verification which does just the incremental backups, as a separate script during the day (when no backup is occurring) onto my HD media.


While such a complete verification might be nice to do, is it a good idea in terms of the time needed and the possible value of the results? Never had a failure or warning on the present verifications. But maybe I've been lucky. Have not had any issues with the verifications done to date, even on drives I knew were going (usually the backup speed is the first thing to notice, then the accessibility of the media, before the end-of-life). I keep backups about three months before recycling the media, so longer term integrity is not too much of an issue here and certainly not a tape media-related where longer term storage might be some cause for concern.


My Server is running almost too well at this point. Simply trying to balance the need for a good backup with the overuse of the media and availability for other backups. 


Anybody have recommendations? I keep alternate (one non-Retro) backups spread across this library of backup media so it seems that I am covered in several ways against media failures. Not to say that I couldn't lose something, just less of a chance. 

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