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How to browse a Retrospect Data file from 2007-8?

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Hey folks --


Nuts & bolts: Macbook Pro Retina Mid 2012, Intel i7 2.7GHz, OS X 10.8.5, WD MyBook (or something like that) 500GB, Retrospect 10.5.0.


so here's the situation: I used Retrospect to back up a bunch of stuff, then mothballed the drive, then mothballed the computer. Now I'd like to poke around the drive and see what I have, but I don't know where to start.


The drive is on the "Sources" list, but clicking "Browse" just lets me see the directories and hidden files (including the data file which isn't hidden) -- but I can't browse the contents of the file itself.


If I click "Restore" -> "Restore selected files and folders" -> ...nothing to select from.


I'm guessing that I lost a catalog file or something (maybe it's on the computer this was originally a backup from?) -- can I rebuild it?


Any help much appreciated. Thanks!

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I can't make out what you did.


"Mothballed the drive"

Is that the source drive? Or is it a member of the disk media set? Or you have an old type file media set?


"mothballed the computer"

Is that the source computer? Or the Retrospect computer?


Yes, you can always rebuilt/recreate the catalog file as long as you have the members of the media set. Check the manual. :)

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Hi Lennart, and thanks!


Sorry for being unclear! The computer was the source computer, yes. I still have it but it's not easily accessible.


The drive I have was a member of the disk media set; I actually think it was the only media disk set. Or maybe it's an old type file media set? I'm not sure what that means...


When I follow the instructions for Rebuilding a Disk Media Set, I select the drive (as the Disk Member Folder), then click "Next" to select the Disk Media Set Member, and get an empty list.


I don't know if this will help, but when selecting the Disk Member folder, if I browse the drive hierarchy I can't see the Data File...


Thanks again!

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