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How to backup Windows 7 boot camp installation using Retro 10.5 in OS X?

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Hello, I need some help with this please.


I need to backup a Windows 7 boot camp installation on a MacBook Air (2013). My external backup drive has Firewire connectors. The MacBook Air does not, but has Thunderbolt. I bought a Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter, which works fine in OS X, but I can't get Windows (in boot camp) to recognize the partitions on the drive although it seems to know the drive is connected.


So any possibility of using Microsoft's bare bones backup solution is ruled out since my external hard drive's partitions are invisible to Windows.


Since I have Retrospect 10.5.0, I'm trying to figure out how to backup my boot camp installation properly using Retrospect in OS X.



  1. Will Retrospect 10.5 backup a boot camp partition and all the associated Windows files properly, when Retrospect is run from OS X?
  2. Do I have to create a FAT formatted backup partition (exFAT is the only one available, it seems) or will the usual Mac OS Extended formatted partition work for such a backup? (Prefer a disk type backup.)
  3. Can Retrospect be expected to reliably and properly restore a Windows boot camp installation to a bootable state?
  4. Any other guidance on this issue is welcome.

Thanks for your help!  :)




I decided to try an experimental full restore, but it couldn't even start because the BOOTCAMP volume is "read only." Get Info on the volume reveals the "read only" permission is fixed and cannot be edited.


Is there some way (like in Terminal) to make the bootcamp volume "read and write" even though those options don't appear in the Get Info window? If not, Retrospect might be useless as a backup strategy for bootcamp...

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