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Grooming options

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I've been using the "Groom to RS defined policy" which states that

"Given enough space in the Media Set, Retrospect keeps a backup of each source for every day in the last week, a backup for each week in the last month, and a backup for each previous month."



My question is: how far back to those "each previous month" go? If I haven't recycled a set for a year or more, do I have a backup for every month since it was started or recycled? I have enough space and I would like to have this 'each month' since recycling, but it's hard to test something with this long time frame. I have professors that teach a class every other year. If something went south in their files they might not notice it for a long time and I'd like to have options to help them recover.


My current scheme (I'm open for suggestions as to a better way if needed) is to have two rotating disk sets (A and B ) for each script. One disk is kept offsite and they are swapped every quarter. When disk B returns, I run a groom (to RS policy) on it before it is allowed to back anything up, while A is still actively backing up. Once I'm sure the groom has completed properly and B is ready to be used, I unmount A and take it offsite. It won't be groomed until it's returned to service the next quarter.






It looked fine on my screen the first time and also this time. Don't know why it came out in one big lump, nor why it inserted the emodicon instead of B in A and B??

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Please separate your large chunk of text into paragraphs. It would be SO much easier to read. :)


Go to Media Sets (on the left).

Click on The media set in the upper part of the window.

Between the upper and lower part of the window, click on Backups.

To browse all backups, click on "Retrieve..." at lower right.

After viewing, click Cancel.

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