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Issues with restoring data, after program closes

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I'm on a mac, 10.6.8 with Retrospect 10.5.145 locally. No server here.


I've installed the program on my mac, had to create a local server to use the program. I have catalog sets that I've created and have successfully used the program for a few months, though not without errors. I also have the latest version of retrospect 6 on this mac as well.


HP LTO 5 drive connected via SAS cable (PCIe bus)


Problem is....



If i from a cold boot, turn on LTO drive, then open retrospect 10, I can sucessfully restore and backup things to tape. If after a job, I close retrospect and then power down the LTO drive, I CANNOT repeat this process and get retrospect to work. It appears that the LTO drive is showing in the storage devices window, i've rescanned as well. usually there's a disclosure triangle for the tape set but it's not appearing, as if the device doesn't see the tape.


I attempt a restore and all the guided tour prompts work well, can even search the catalog file and choose what I want to restore, but when I hit go to begin, I get a spinning arrow like I would for a restore that works, yet it sits there for hours with no tape drive interaction. So, i need to restart the mac and begin again. this is super fristrating. In retrrospect 6 this never happened, here it happens daily.


so to reiterate...


from cold boot, works well. once the LTO drive and restorespect have been shut down, I can't reopen them and work, that is without restarting my mac again.


Again, this is on one mac, not a server.

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Retrospect now consists of an engine (doing the actual work) and a console (showing the user interface). The engine is always running. So when you power down the tape drive, the engine loses track of the tape drive.


In System Preferences-->Retrospect, you can stop and restart the Retrospect engine. That would let Retrospect "pick up" the tape drive again.

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