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Error -1023 ( already exists) during duplicate to network share


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(1)Retrospect version: 8.5.0
(2)Retrospect Driver Update version: ???
(3)OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
(4)Hardware: Toshiba laptop backing up to network share on HP desktop PC
(5)Description of steps:


Installed Retrospect 8.5.0 on customer's laptop.


Created script to perform daily duplicate to a network share on a desktop PC on the local network. PC has network sharing enabled with password-protected sharing turned off. Permissions for the destination folder are set to 'full access' for the 'Everyone' object in both the file/folder permissions and the advanced sharing permissions.


Manual read & write access to the destination folder across the network works without issue.


Retrospect is set to run as a specified user using the credentials of the only Administrator account present on the laptop.


(6)Description of the problem:


Every time the duplicate script runs, it fails with: "error -1023 ( already exists)".


Not sure why this is an issue for a duplicate operation - the destination will always exist after the first duplicate.




Am I likely to have more success using a mapped drive instead of the network share path? There is a specific reason I am trying to avoid this for now, but if this is the only option I will have to consider it. Does Retrospect support duplicate and/or backup operations to a (non-mapped) network share?

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Well, it seemed to work the first time, now it seems to complete the duplicate and doesn't report any errors, but the expected files are not present in the destination folder.


I am going to reconfigure the whole thing so that Retrospect is running on the remote PC and backing up the laptop as a client and see how that goes.

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