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"Backup Set format inconsistency" - cannot rebuild catalog

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Running Retrospect Single Server 7.7.620 on Win Server 2003 Standard SP2 x32.


I got an error during a scheduled backup set grooming about the catalog file being damaged, so I went to recreate it. Now, 24 hours later, I get the error, "Backup Set format inconsistency (6 at 695069483)". I have done this 2 times now, but I can't complete the catalog file rebuild. Is there any hope for recoving this backup set? Attached is a screen shot of the log. Thanks for any pointers!


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I have seen that error sometimes. Try to repair the catalog file, not a complete rebuild. You may have to try several times. Once I had to repair about ten times before it actually finished.

Too late to do a repair - I've already blown away the orig catalog file. :( I will keep trying and cross my fingers that I don't need it...

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