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Another Retrospect failure


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Today I tried to upgrade “Retrospect Small Business Server Premium 7.7” to “Retrospect Small Business Server app (SBS 2003-2011) Upgrade w/ ASM, WIN 8”. I have contacted support.

I ended up installing 7.7 to get Retrospect working again.


(1) Retrospect 8.5.136 did “hang” starting (>15 minutes). I think it was unable to “convert” the config77.dat file from the older version. I tried this several times. Starting without the “Retrospect” folder in “ProgramData”, so without previous preferences, worked. Then I could enter the license number.


(2) To my horror when I entered the new license number, the “Open file” option didn’t became activated. Rereading the information on the Retrospect website left me nothing but confused. There now seem to be two “Open file” options? To get open files backup on the Server and the Clients, needs a new Add-on? I bought the “Retrospect Add-on Value Package for SBS,WIN 7.6/7.7” in the past. Do I need to spend more money?



The reasons for buying this Upgrade are/where:

(a) fixing the Grooming issue

(B) better Exchange Mailbox (2007/2010) access/backup

© Retrospect running as a "Windows Service", so you have to have a terminal server session with Retrospect running all the time

(d) Normal Preference structures, not a archaeological monolith of a .dat file.


If the Grooming failures are fixed (for our system using 7.7), I don't know.

The other points, especially © and (d), aren't changed at all!




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(2) I got a Reply from Support: I also need to buy an Upgrade for the Add-on Value pack from 7.7.

This makes the Upgrade from 7.7 to 8.5 more expensive then the original 7.7 version. Ridiculous.

Making backups without Open Files is not an option!!

So I hope they refund my money.


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And indeed, I have to pay for an Upgrade of the old Value Add-on package. So upgrading from SBS Premium 7.7 w Add-on Value pack, cost more the I spend originally?!? Paying twice for a program that hast changed in many years? Still lacks the most basic features like “Running as a Service” and a “Repairable preference structure, that can be exported and import?”


On the webpage showing the Windows Retrospect Editions, in the table, it says for the “Small Business Server” “Bare Metal Disaster Recovery” is included. No footmark, nothing. It clearly stated “Bare Metal Recovery” is included!


A fellow forum user posted this Question:

Does bare metal restore REQUIRE open file option?

RESPONSE RECEIVED: It is not prerequisite but it is recommended so that Retrospect can backup all open files on the system. Thank you for using Retrospect, The Retrospect Support Team


In my opinion as senior IT person, a backup without open files (this includes “Shared” files, files that are changed during the backup process...) result NOT backup that can restore the entire OS (“Bare Metal Recovery”). This is especially so for Servers.

I can be wrong of course, so please correct me.



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