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Retrospect 9 keeps replacing script sources with sources from another script...

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I still (unfortunately) rely on Retrospect for some of our less-critical backups and I continue to have an issues where the sources marked within a script will randomly be replaced by the marked sources from another script. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a solution for this issue, or why it would even happen?


Since Retrospect burned and abandoned their Retrospect 9 customers a long time ago, and upgrading to Retrospect 10 isn't an option, I'm hoping there's I'm doing wrong that can do differently to resolve this issue?


I'm running Retrospect Server (unlimited, version on a dedicated Mac Pro (Mac OS X Server 10.6.8, 8GB RAM, 1TB HD [RAID-1]). All client machines (35 Mac desktops running OS X 10.8.5 with Retrospect Client, 5 MacBooks [Pro & Air], running the same) backing up to an LTO-4 tape drive (SCSI).


The script two scripts running on this machine are:


Script 1: Regular Backup (runs nightly, contains all desktops machines in script as sources)

Script 2: Proactive Backup (set to run every 6 hours, contains 5 MacBooks in script as sources)


Randomly, the sources from script 1 will be replaced with the sources from script 2. This will happen when the Admin Console isn't running, when the Admin Console is running, and will also happen while I try and fix the sources (i.e., I'll be re-adding the sources to the script, and all-of-a-sudden, everything I've just selected as a source will be de-selected and all the sources that are checked in script 2 will be checked in script 1).


I have tried removing and reinstalling Retrospect Server, wiping and rebuilding the OS X Server and reinstalling Retrospect Server, re-writing the scripts and sources from scratch, etc. and this issue continues, randomly.


Any suggestions?

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