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Change source order in Backup script

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I have just read a thread from over a year ago that stated that the order of sources in a Backup script was alphabetical. I need to change the order in a script and although this was easily done in v6 I cannot make my changes stick in 10.5. Has this 'bug' still not been changed?

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I had to uninstall and reinstall a client and then re-add it to my server. This made the order of the backup wrong. It does not seem to run the sources in alphabetical order, so I don't know how to correct this. Now I'm on version 15.5 and I still can't find out how to change the order. Anybody know?

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derek500, in this 2015 post, gave me the solution.  See the remaining posts by me in that thread for further discussion.  Although I'm still using Retrospect Mac 14, I routinely use that undocumented dragging-in-the-Details-panel-of-the-script-Summary trick whenever I Remove and re-Add a source.  See further posts by me in that thread for an explanation.  There's a limitation for local Sources because you can't easily Remove them, as discussed here and in posts that follow it.  In any case, the first paragraph of this following post is my explanation of precisely what is the nature of the "alphabetical order" that Retrospect follows in backing up Sources within a script.

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