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Permissions with Restored Files

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I am running Retrospect 10.5. Client is on OSX 10.5.8 mac running client 6.2.234.

I am able to back up selected files. When I restore files folder & file "can't be opened because you don't have permission to see its contents."

I have granted read & write permissions access to everyone on client computer and computer where file was restored. I also repaired permission on both computers.

Any clues would be appreciated as I noticed after I had successful backups on client for last 6 months all the files were locked.

I reinstalled client and same still happens.

I can also get files from client using same path as in retrospect without any problem.


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Whether or not you can read the files once restored depends on the permissions of the files. Retrospect does not always restore file permissions the way you would expect. If you restore an entire volume, it will restore the permissions precisely. This includes doing a "restore entire volume" on a "favorite". If you restore "files and folders", I'm not sure how Retro decides to set permissions, but it seems to set the files to some "neutral" owner/group.


That said, whether or not you can access the files on the machine to which you restored them depends on the user ID of the user trying to do the access. If Retro restores files to a "whole volume" with the permissions set correctly, the actual numerical user ID is restored. That may or may not correspond to the user ID of the user on the new machine trying to access the files.


Check the user IDs of the users (in terminal - do "id") and look at the files (with get-info or "ls -la" in command line)


I hope this helps.

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