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error -1102 after volume resize


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I'm using Retrospect 7.7 (7.7.620 64bit) single server on a w2008 R2 machine to back-up another w2008 R2 connected as a client (Retrospect Client 7.7.114)


after a volume resize on the client machine, all the subvolumes targeted in my backup scripts are not working with error -1102 (drive missing/unavailable)


on the Volumes configuration panel I see my client with double E: drive

the first one with all subvolumes (8) that are not reachable

the new one working with subvolumes not set


is there any way to update Volumes database in order to continue working with my backup scripts (12) and saving all my incremental backups?


thank you


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hello Lennart,

thank you very much for your answer!

it seems that (re)adding subvolumes, my backup scripts are working again


it's incredible that developer team has never put an automatic procedure to update volumes and subvolumes.

volume resizing is a very common procedure and the first inquiry in this forum, about that, is eleven years old...

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