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Engine stuck. Scheduled operations won't run.

Don Lee

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Retro 10.5.0(145) on Mac OS X 10.8.5, Mac mini (summer 2013), 16 GB mem


My engine is stuck.


I have a pro-active script that says "not active", which runs every 1 day. Active every day between 2:30 AM and 9 AM.  It has not actually done anything since Nov 1st, though.


I tried duplicating the script, and setting the "active" time to 1:pm to 5 PM on Monday (today) of the duplicate - called junk-script.. junk-script says it is (Not yet determined), and has been that way for a couple of hours. No other activities are active.


Looking through the log, it looks like *none* of the proactive scripts are running - since Nov 1st.


Is there something I can do to crank up the debugging to tell me what the engine is stuck on? I've had this happen before, and I may not notice it for several days, which is Bad Juju.



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By off chance -- did you install the Apple Remote Desktop 3.7 client on this machine?


There's a huge bug in that client that affects the Mac OS firewall -- and (in my testing) not just for ARD -- but also for other apps that you wouldn't expect.


(I installed this on my 10.9 machine that runs the Retro 10.5 engine and not only could I no longer control that computer with ARD, but *Retrospect* would not back up any clients either with the borked firewall enabled!)

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I've seen different behavior here with the borked 3.7 ARD client, so YMMV, but...


1)  In general, turning the GUI firewall off seems to get around the problem, but sometimes it doesn't.   This is hit-and-miss.   Basically if the GUI for the Firewall shows that "screensharingd" is "blocked" -- then you have a problem.


2)  The only "fix" for this that has worked here is to replace (on 10.8.5) the /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement folder with the same one from a machine with the ARD 3.6.2 client still installed and then reboot.   And then edit the Firewall GUI to remove that "screensharingd" block.



But, based on your comments about Retrospect working after a restart and having the FW off on the engine machine -- this is probably not your problem.   

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I restarted the engine, and it took off again......


Same here for proactive scripts that simply stop polling for connected clients. The scripts work for a varying amount of days and suddenly they simply stop. No error no nothing... just no polling anymore. Restarting the engine solves the problem and then the backup run again fine - until the next silent drop... This is really a PITA since we don't even get errors/alerts.




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I have retro set up to send me email on both successful backups, and errors. That way I get a stream of emails from my various installations, and can notice when they stop - bad - or if they show errors - disks full, networking failures, whatever. I find that even if Retro is flawless, there are lots of other things that can cause it to stop working. (like silly people unplugging external disks, for instance)

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I hit the problem again at a customer site. The backups - backup scripts, pro-active scripts, and scripted verifies all just stopped working.

The last activity was Dec 18th.  The log shows that the engine was re-launched on Dec 19th, but nothing has run.  The scheduled backups all show they are ready to go, but they don't.


I provide a screen shot of the console.


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I hit this again yesterday. The triggering event appears to be the "pausing" I did from the console of all script activity so I could check the results of my rotation scripts (some of which failed, see: http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/150511-nasty-bug-scheduled-copy-media-set-only-copies-fraction-of-data/ )


I resumed the engine/scripts, and the proactive scripts never resumed. The scripted utility scripts run, and the (scheduled) backups, but not the pro-active backups. The pro-active backups normally run at least 2-3 of the several scripts each day. In this case, no pro-active backup ran from 31 Mar 2014 until......


I tried pausing, and re-resuming the scripts with the buttons at the top of the console window a couple of times in hopes of "kicking" the engine.  No luck.


I finally stopped and re-started the retro engine, and the pro-active scripts resumed.


There is a bug here.....

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