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Has anybody else tested *restore* speed with 10.5 on Mac OSX 10.9?

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I had 4 test FIleMaker database files.   I back things up to a disk media set on a Thunderbolt RAID connected to a Mac Mini -- (no tapes, no DVDs, etc..)


If I restore them to the HD of the Retro 10.5 engine computer (running 10.9), the restore finish at a speed of approximately 1,100MB/min.   This is about what I would expect.



If I restore the same 4 files to the HD of my client computer (also running 10.9) over Gigabit Ethernet -- the files restored at about 100 times *slower*:   10.8 MB/min.



I tried this restore-to-client restore twice (after having rebooted both client and server machine).



This seems awfully slow.   Has anybody else gotten similar slow restore speeds after upgrading to 10.9?


Or have I just not restored anything directly to a client in a while that I've just not noticed this?    



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The odd thing -- I tried another media set and had weirder results...


I restored one database file (5G in size) from this other media set -- restore speed was 1.2G/min.


I then restored a mysql instance from /usr/local/<mysql directory> -- 180M -- and the restore speed was back down to 12M/min.


Something is not right here...

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