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Reboot server, get Error -530 from every client


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After rebooting the server, I need to "Locate" every single client in order to back up again. The normal script runs and every client fails with "error -530 ( backup client not found)"




- Mac Mini with OS X 10.8 Server

- All on the same ethernet network & subnet

- All clients visible in the Add Client view (default interface, multicast)

- All clients have static IP

- Clicking "refresh" times out.

- Click "Locate", click on correct client, back to normal. Can back up after that.

- Retrospect is set to launch at startup

- Clients are Retrospect, running a variety of OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8

- Retrospect server is 10.5.0 (145)

- All clients are awake, and have users logged in


This has happened twice in a row in the last couple days; fortunately it's rare I need to reboot the server.


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I find that after every reboot I need to stop the Retrospect server process and restart it (through the System Preferences panel) before it will reliably see clients.  Sometimes doing the "locate" would work, but the stop/start always works.


My guess is that the RetroEngine process is starting up too early before networking is fully established during system boot.  In my case I'm running a 2010 Mac Pro and I have the two NIC's bonded - so your issue might be slightly different (although the symptoms are the same).


Edit - The Mac Pro is running 10.8.5 (not OS X server).

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