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Retrospect attempts to back up volumes it should not


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This is a problem which seems new to Retrospect 10.5 Client. (I had updated the server to 10.5 several days before the client; there was no problem until the client had been updated as well.)


On the server, under Sources, the client machine shows as having two drives. It has always done so, even though one of those volumes has not existed for several months--there seems no way to delete it. But under Options, Retrospect is set to back up only Selected Volumes. The one volume that actually exists is checked, and the other is not.


Now that the client is updated to 10.5, Retrospect attempts to back up the unchecked, nonexistant volume (as well as the checked one). I receive email notifications reporting -1101 error, can't access the nonexistant unchecked volume, and the backup log shows this as well.


Expected/desired behaviour would be no make no attempt to access explicitly not-selected volumes.


Both client and server are Mac Minis running Mountain Lion, fully up to date. Retrospect server & client are both version 10.5.

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