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Volume restore

Tony Albano

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I've just performed a trial disaster recovery run using the latest Retrospect version.


I restored Windows 8.1 back to factory installation, installed Retrospect and then restored C:\, being the OS drive - a live restore. I had about 35GB of files to restore. It all went well and, as expected, everything was back to how I had left it before the trial. I didn't use Disaster Recovery as I have the ASR Writer issue. Hence the live restore.


The one MAJOR downside is it took 24 hours to restore all the files! Is this normal? At one time it was showing a restore rate of 0.1MB per minute. Very slow in my opinion.


Anybody else experienced this or is the restore time normal? The previous whole-volume C:\ restore on a Win XP PC took just minutes in comparison.


I'm running Windows 8.1 64bit with 8MB RAM.


Any advice would be welcome.

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I'm running Windows 8.1 64bit with 8MB RAM.


There is your answer. Windows 8 requires much more RAM. At least a few GB.  ;)


What are you restoring from? Tape? Disk?

How many backups in that media set?

How many files were restored on the XP computer?

How many files were restored on the 8 computer?

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The problem with modern OS'es is that they consist of a gazillion tiny files. That number of files is a real pain to backup and restore. It is much faster with fewer, larger files of the same total size.


But that still doesn't explain why it took so long to restore. Our restores drops to maybe 40MB/minute when the tiny files are being restored. That is much faster than your 0.1MB/minute and our hardware is some years old (so not fast by today's standards).

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