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can't open the Retro.Config (6.0) file, error -24203 (not a chunk file or badly damaged)

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Hello All,

I'm hoping someone can help me out with ye old ver 6 of Retrospect?

I was getting this error:

Sorry, can't open the Retro.Config (6.0) file, error -24203 (not a chunk file or badly damaged)


I was told from Retro tech that the .pref file is corrupt.

(I do not have a copy of .pref file either other wise I would just replace)

I tossed it out and Retrospect is now working but I lost all my Scripts to my Backups.

I still have the Databases (Backup Set Catalog files) I just can't access them.


I back up to DVD and have the DVD's

The Backups are client Graphic Design files not a backup of a computer or Server.


My question is does anyone know how to remake scripts to see my Backups?






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Thanks Tim,

So after I double click on the Backup Set Catalog

Another window pops open with:


Under Snapshots I have two folders called •ARCHIVE that's where I put the files I wanted to backup.

The other folder is called the Databases:

I would imagine I click on Databases/click ADD?

Sorry I guess I'm not sure of the steps




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Hmm. What you're describing is not something I've seen. What OS version are you running and where is your catalog stored?


Double-clicking on the catalog is usually the quickest way of telling Retrospect where the catalog is stored. The alternative is to go to Configure> Backup Sets, click on "Open..." and navigate to the volume directory location of the catalog.

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Well I get to snapshots:

Lets say I have a four DVD back up


2013 _Archive 1

2013 _Archive 2

2013 _Archive 3

2013 _Archive 4

Do I have to do all of them or just the last one in the set, 2013 _Archive 4?

In Retrospect terminology, a "snapshot" is the listing of all files that were on the source volume at the time of a particular backup. For example, if you ran 10 backups of 2 hard disk volumes at different times, your backup set would contain 20 snapshots. Snapshots are only visible after the backup set's catalog has been located.


What you seem to be describing above is that you have four backup sets, not four "snapshots." Each backup set will have its own catalog. To access the contents of all four backup sets, you would need to add all of them to your backup set list.


Once the catalogs have been added, you will be able to view the snapshots of the most recent backups made to each backup set, and you can retrieve earlier snapshots from your backup media. Snapshots are most useful if you are intending to restore an entire hard drive volume. They are also useful if you want to see only those files that were on the volume as of a certain backup date and time. However, if you are searching for a single file, performing a search for all instances of that filename and choosing the desired version to restore is often quicker.


Remember that Retrospect has never offered a simple way to view the names of the files that are included in a particular backup set. To view actual file names, you need to initiate a Restore operation, either by snapshot or by searching for specific criteria such as file name, backup date, creation date, etc. You don't actually have to perform the restore; you just need to get to the window where the files are listed. 

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