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Clone script copies lots of data even immediately after finishing cloning

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First off, I haven't enabled the "use attribute modification date when matching" since that was totally busted if you used ACL's and I'm not sure if they bothered to fix it with the latest update. I noticed that my clone script is now taking much longer than it did under the previous version of Retrospect which I think was 10.2. Since moving to 10.5, I can run a clone script and then as soon as it finishes, run the script again and it will copy huge amounts of data that has absolutely not changed from the first time the clone ran. I don't know what's so special about the files that it recopies each time or if it's just a bug with 10.5.


In addition to the clone script, I also run a backup script which is scheduled to run not too far after the time the clone usually finishes. Both scripts copy all data on the drive but the backup will backup say 4GB's of data while the clone will copy say 30GB's each time even if the clone just finished and I immediately hit run again.


Why would Retrospect be cloning so much data right after a clone script has just completed? Again "use attribute modification date when matching" isn't even turned on so why would it think there is so much changed data that should be identical? Is anyone else using Retrospect to clone drives and if so are you seeing similar issues?


Mac OS 10.8.4

Retrospect 10.5.0

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