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Rebuild doesn't scan complete LTO

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after working year with success with Retrospect and LTO systems.

I'm running in to a problem at the moment.

I need to restore some data from a tape, but Retrospect does'nt see the complete index on the tape.

When I rebuild the catalogfile it only does about 77 GB of the 500+GB's it has on it.


Is there a way, I can completely rebuild the file, so I can restore the data?


Kind regards,

Martijn van Moock


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Are you sure you don't see any error message anywhere?

Yes, it only asks for other tapes. Name of the set is LTO040, than it asks for LTO040-1. That one does'nt exist, then for LTO040-2 that one does it's 77GB (about). Than for LTO040-3 from here it does'nt exist.

However, when i made the backup i printed the content log, that shows that there're more file on the tape.

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