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Updating clients


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What is with the way updating clients work?


First, I have to go to the Console section of the Preferneces (thank heavens I learnt that trick!), then export the updaters, then go through each client, click Update, and then search through a hierarchy on the harddisk to find the folder that Retrospect just created.


Why can't retrospect just use the updaters it always has?  Why make me export and then tediously find them?  Worse, the wacky file selection sheet isn't a real system file open sheet, so I can't even drop the exported folder or .rcu file on the sheet, I have to tediously dig down the mirror of the disk hierarchy to find it.  Each Time I Update a Client!  This almost forces me to move the exported client updaters to the root of the harddisk just to make this process slightly saner.


Surely this could be handled better?!


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I've grumbled on the forum about the clumsiness of finding the client updaters, too.


If the browser is to be used, surely it should only show those files and folders that would normally appear in a standard OS X application or Finder browser (it's excessively cluttered at the moment), and it should default to the location of the browser updates folder in the installed Retrospect folder.


The default width of the browser window is also too small to view the whole name of the update RCU file. The part that's hidden is the most interesting part, the version number.

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Agreed. It is extremely tedious. At the VERY LEAST, it should return you to the same folder you last browsed to. Peter, I have, in fact, added the updaters folder to the root of my boot drive on the Retro server. Shortens by a few clicks and doesn't require as much scrolling. Still an inelegant operation.



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Other than having to find them (which I agree is a pain), does updating clients work for you? I'm finding that if I'm on the Retrospect Server console and I update a Mac 10.8.5 client which has its firewall turned on, with Retrospect access explicitly allowed under Advanced, the update changes the firewall preference for "retroclient" to not allow. The update actually succeeds, but the server continues to show the client as using the old version of Retrospect since it can no longer connect to the client. And backups fail of course, because the client's firewall doesn't allow it. (The firewall preference for "Retrospect Client" does not change from allowed; it's just "retroclient" that changes.

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