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Retrospect 8 Client Inconsistencies


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Good Morning,


I have started exploring the enhanced Client application included in Retrospect 8.  The on demand backup and restore procedures are just what I have been looking for.  However, some items seem to be acting strange.  For instance, if on a client machine I ask to perform an on demand backup, it prompts me for a folder to backup, and after selecting the backup is requested and a few minutes later I see it begin and end on the server.  The client software never updates the "History" tab.  It updates the "Last Completed Backup" date, but I never see any items in the History tab.  In addition, attempting to perform an "On Demand Restore" throws the error, "No backups Completed".  


I also tried to initiate the backup on the server, to attempt to see a listing in the "History" tab, but to no avail.  After running the backup on the server the ability to "Restore on demand" is still not working as expected, "No Backups completed".


Is there something I need to do to get the History Tab, and On Demand Restore working effectively?


Hope I explained myself thoroughly.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

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I am also curious.  I have not tried the on demand restore or backup yet, by my 8.2.0 clients show nothing in the history either (just a spinning circle in the right hand corner).  From the client, I can see the "last backup" status, but nothing for the "next backup" and nothing in the "history".  Of course, when I log onto the server and open the backup script, the history is all there, so not sure why the client is not seeing that, or at least what it knows has previously taken place locally on the machine.


I should note that I'm still running server 7.114 though and client 8.2.0 so that may have something to do with it (have not heard from my other posts yet about this though to determine if that could be the issue).  Steve, what version of the server software are you using?



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As far as I could tell from earlier 8.x releases the Client History details are populated from the Server dynamically. That being said I just checked an Client on a Windows 8 Pro laptop and the History details are not being populated. (The Server is The spinner in the top right corner spins for 5 or 6 seconds the disappears  but the History remains blank. Because my Server only runs for five hours each day I very rarely use the History tab so have no idea when it stopped working.

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