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Rebuild vs Repair – what's the difference?

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Hi There,


Does a repair only re-catalogue what's missing?


After a failed 14hr Catalogue rebuild, we decided to Repair the 70% completed Catalogue thinking Retrospect would just add the stuff that's missing (like rsync would).


But after another 14hrs repairing, it seems as if Retrospect is just doing a full Rebuild – in fact, the activity monitor states "Rebuild".


After searching around we couldn't find any info on this point – does anyone know what the difference is between Rebuild and Repair?





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"Rebuild" will replace the existing catalogue with a new one created from the backup media. "Repair" will add files to the existing catalogue from the later members of a media set. If a rebuild is stopped mid-stream, the rebuild can continue by performing a repair. If a lot of files are involved, either process will take quite a bit of time.


The activity monitor (and the log) label as a "rebuild" both a full rebuild and a catalogue repair.


What type of media set are you trying to rebuild/repair?

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Thanks heaps for the reply - much appreciated, I'm trying to repair a disk media set.


I realise now why I was confused sorry, I thought the Catalogue was 2.9TB but it's actually 5.7TB – so the Repair definitely has a few more days to go (I thought it would be done by now).


As a side note, one thing that's confusing with Retrospect is that when you're selecting members to repair/rebuild:

– Retrospect takes 2-5minutes to add the member

– Gives no feedback it's actually doing anything

– And while doing this, the Finder will state that Retrospect is "Not Responding"


So overall, it looks like Retrospect has crashed – it took me over 45mins to setup the first Rebuild because I thought Retrospect was crashing!





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