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Windows 2012 Foundation?


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Will Retrospect 7.6 multi-server work on Windows 2012 Foundation?  (Or do I need Retrospect 8 for 2012 (server-side I mean)?  Or do I need at least Windows 2012 Essentials?)


Our Retrospect 7.6 multi-server on Windows 2003 has bitten the dust.  We have the new blank server and are debating the OS. 





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I called support for the answer, in case anyone else ever asks this:


Retrospect 7.6 will not support a 64 bit OS server-side, so anything newer than Windows 2008 R1 is out.


Retrospect's support is recommending Windows 2012 Standard for a multi-server install.  (At this time there is a problem with running it as a specific user on Essentials which you need for the Exchange and SQL clients and perhaps some other issues with Windows 2012 Essentials.)

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