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How to back up local files to NFS mounted shares on Linux NAS

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I'm trying to back-up local files to a media-set on a filesystem mounted via static NFS from Linux server.


This *should* be no different from backing-up local files to a USB disk.  However…


1) When the NFS server is mounted statically (with an entry in /etc/fstab) it does not show up in the list of devices available to hold new members.  Even browsing in the obvious places (e.g under "Macintosh HD" for the static mount point)


2) When the NFS server is mounted manually/dynamically (e.g. by using the "Go -> Connect to server" menu option in the Finder) the NFS volume shows up OK as its own volume -- no need to browse for it.


I want to use a static mount (a line in /etc/fstab) because of the better control it gives me over the networking parameters and time-outs.


What can I do to get access to the static-mounted NFS filesystems so I can use it as backup media ?


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