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Error Ejecting Media in Windows Server 2012

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I apologize for the cross-post; however, I originally posted this in the wrong forum....


We have two installs of Retrospect 8.1.0 (266); one is running on Windows SBS 2011 and the other is running on Windows Server 2012.


Our installation on SBS 2011 is working just fine.  Backups run as scheduled and media is ejected afterwards.


However, on our Windows Server 2012 install, the backups run as scheduled but the RD1000 media will not eject automatically.  Instead, we receive an error message stating that there was an Error Ejecting Media and that it is in use.


We have to stop the Retrospect software and then manually eject the media from Windows Explorer and then restart the Retrospect software.


Has anyone run into this issue before?  Any insight is greatly appreciated.


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I am running Retrospect (64-bit) on a Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard and I have the same problem with my RD1000 media.

I can only eject the media with windows explorer after stopping the Retrospect software.


Does anyone has an idea how to solve the issue ?

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