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Jobs Stuck in Running Queue when completed

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To fix this, I logged onto the server, attempted to stop the retrospect engine using the Apple System Preferences.  Engine would not stop.  I opened up Activity monitor, and force quit Retrospect, then restarted the engine from the Apple System Preferences.  When I opened up a Retrospect console, the jobs showed as completed.

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I tried relaunching the console & running the console on another computer that is not the Retrospect server, but the jobs were stuck until I force quit the engine.


I've had this happen probably about 5 times since installing.  However, when I looked at the console yesterday, no hung jobs.  I left the console running on a computer that is not the Retrospect server, wondering if leaving the console open would cause the problem.  Returned this morning and no hung jobs.


I'm going to try leaving the console open on the Retrospect server to see if that will cause the issue.

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This happened again today.  It's been running fine for the past week.  One of the jobs says closing.  8 Jobs say Excecution completed successfully.  One job says Execution incomplete.  And one job has 8 errors.  All the jobs are set to stop at 5 AM in their scripts.  The media sets are open for writing and any new backup jobs will hold in the waiting queue.


This started happening with 10.2 update.


I've been having issues with email's not getting through to the Exchange email server and have been unable to figure out why Retrospect is having problems sending the emails out.  I mention this because I'm wondering if this is somehow causing a problem.  I turned off email notifications, and will force quit the engine.  I'll wait to see if this happens again with email notifications turned off.

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