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10.1.0 (221) causes hang on restart

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This is a 10.7.5  Lion machine. After upgrading noticed machine takes a REALLY long time to restart, like almost 8 - 10 minutes! Tore my hair out with this one for a while until I finally disabled the Engine. Machine restarts fine now, but oh oh!.. no local backup ! Confirmed several times by activating and deactivating the Engine with the same result. Anybody else experienced this issue?


I noticed 221 has been recently replaced in the downloads with 201? Is this supposed to address this situation? Has 221 been scrapped?

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The current version is 10.2.0 (201).  We never released a 10.2.0 (221) version.  We did have a 10.1.0 (221) version.  What version are you running?


What do you mean by "no local backup"? What specifically happens when you try to run a backup? 


A hang when restarting could happen if the Retrospect engine is having a hard time stopping or if the RetroISA process is having a hard time stopping before a restart. 

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Hi Sorry, meant 10.1.0 (221). Just upgraded to 10.2.0 (201) hoping this would solve this issue. Has not.


Well, I meant no local backup because I have disabled Retrospect due this restart issue. Noticed this after I upgraded to 10.1 a while back and thought it was just a one time occurrence. Backup actually was functional, however this issue became apparent when I had to do several restarts recently . 


And yes, it appears the Engine does not stop because when I select the STOP button it doesn't. Suggestions??

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If there's an existing process running, clicking "Stop" can take up to 10 minutes (in my experience) to stop whatever is going on.


You don't want things to *immediately* stop as that could lead to corrupt catalog files...


But, in general, if there are no processes running, "Stop" should stop the engine within a minute (or less)

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Nope...not happening.. I am aware the stop is not instantaneous from using Retro for almost 10 years now, but this is different. Tried it several times. I am wondering if there are any issues with Lion vs Mountain Lion? My machines are all Lion except one ML machine client. Anything I might try??

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