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Windows 8 clients cannot be seen

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We are running version 8.1 multiserver. Some users have recently upgraded to Windows 8. After installing the Windows client version 8.1 the server cannot see the client on the machine. I have had them turn off their firewall temporarily to see if that is what is blocking access, but their client still cannot be seen. The error message says 'Can't access a client at "xxxx", error -530 (backup client not found)'.


Any ideas on how to solve this?

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I find if substantial information has changed (hard drive, computer) but the name is the same, you have to update the client name, as it's still pointing to a unique internal id.


Configure, Clients, (select client), Properties, Access tab, Change, choose the same name, and accept/save all your changes.

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We tried some experiments to try to locate the problem.

1. Put both client and server on same subnet              Result: could not see client

2. Turned off firewall in client                                        Result: could not see client

3. Ran port scan on client from server                          Result: port 497 not open (even with firewall off)

4. Reverted to version 7.7 client                                   Result: client can now be seen

5. Ran port scan on client with old version                    Result: port 497 is open

6. Turned firewall back on                                             Result: client can still be seen, and port 497 is open

7. Allowed client to use DHCP                                       Result: Client can still be seen


There is something happening in the Retrospect Client version 8.0 and 8.1 that on some machines will not respond to the server, and will show port 497 closed to port scanners. On other machines it will work just fine. This has been happening with Win 7 and Win 8 PCs (all of our PCs are from Dell). I have no idea why switching to Version 7.7 made it work.


Note that we were adding a new machine to the network, not changing a client on an existing machine. In testing I always used the 'advanced' button and selected 'Direct'. Then I enter the ip address and click on 'Test' to see if a client can be seen on the machine.

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Here are my conclusions when I faced similar trouble:

- 8.1 agent won't co-exist with 8.0 agent
- You may need to reboot after uninstalling client 8.0 and before installing 8.1
- Don't be too quick after adding 8.1 to add the client in Retrospect or you may be fooled into thinking it can't communicate. Try a few times.
- when you try to add the client in Retrospect you may need to first exist the Clients dialogue completely and then go back into it.

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