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How to connect just announced MacPro to Tape??

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I have previous approval to buy a new Mac Pro when they come out, but it looks like the main IO will have to go through Thunderbolt. I currently use a LTO tape drive via PCI SCSI card. What options am I likely to face in the fall for connecting? Looks like a new tape drive might also be in order to keep things simple. Trying to plan ahead a bit.

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Tangentially related...


I'm in the process of implementing a new Fibre Channel based LTO6 tape loader - connecting it to the last generation of Xserve using an ATTO PCI card.


Planning ahead... like you.... for a new machine...  I have confirmed that the ATTO - Thunderlink - Thunderbolt to Fibre Channel adapters are indeed supported by Retrospect - and further spoke with ATTO to confirm they have a ThunderBolt 2 version brewing as well...

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