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2 Exchange mailbox servers, 1 back ups as a client.

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We have 2 Exchange servers.


Up until recently we had a hub and mailbox server. Retrospect was installed on the mailbox server.


We recently promoted the hub to also be a mailbox server to create a new storage group offering more storage space.


Retrospect is still installed on the original Mailbox Server, I have installed a client on the other Exchange server which i can see in Retrospect, I can see the Store and the Mailbox folder but i can't see any mailboxes within it.  I am logging in as the same Domain user as the mailbox server.


Any ideas?


Could it be a licence issue? we have retrospect licenced on the mailbox server with the Exchange agent add on, but as the other server is only a client would that need it's own Exchange agent add on?  I would have thought that would be fine as it's only a client and the main installed retrospect as the add on.

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To add to this i'm not too sure it is a licencing issue.


It appears to be licenced on both the mailbox and the client machine fine, i just can't see the mailboxes on the backup client machine.


Any ideas?


Both machines using the RBU group on the domain with what i believe to be the correct domain privelidges.

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