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Exchange logs not deleting sinse Retrospect upgrade, caused server to crash. please help asap.

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We have been using Retrospect for many years.


back in 2011 we upgraded to the latest version of Retrospect which was out at the time.


Never thinking anything of it, we assumed it was all working well.


Anyway, we recently noticed our Exchange Server at breaking point in terms of space availible.


Upon looking in to the problem it turned out not to be used space by deleted mailboxes and pure volume of mailboxes. It was down to the transition logs.


So we looked in to this further and our understanding is that Retrospect sends a command to the Exchange server after a backup to Trunk "delete" old logs?


These log files go back to the invoice date we installed the Upgrade to Retrospect in other words the day it was upgraded. It had been working fine up to this point.


This points to a Retrospect issue!


These files are about 1mb each however there are hundreds of thousands of these files, that is allot of data.


Can you please help resolve this issue asap as we are at breaking point.


Thanks in Advance.

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I'm on an archaic version of Retrospect, so this question might not apply, but what settings are you using for your Exchange backup?


Looking at the script options, I've got Full Backup, Differential Backup, and Log/Incremental Backup.


From the descriptions on each item, Full and Differential will back up your datastore and transaction logs, whereas Log/Incremental backs up the transaction log and then wipes out logs belonging to committed transactions. Perhaps you might need to run a Log/Incremental as well?

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We are doing a Full backup.


We have always done a full backup though and never been a problem previous to the update.


My understanding is that Full Backup also truncated the logs as well as Log/Incremental Backup. It's only Differential Backup that didn't. I may be wrong and this may have changed in version 8 perhaps?

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Poking through the Windows Exchange Server Options in the docs (version 8), it looks like the wording is unchanged. The Log/Incremental backup explicitly states that committed transactions are truncated. Differential explicitly states that log files are not deleted. Full backups are ambiguous, mentioning that the transaction log is truncated. A one-off Log/Incremental might help.


To my (limited) understanding, the regular Windows Server Backup might clean the log files as a side effect. I'm not certain of this, though. It could be worth a try.

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