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Rules change when previewing backup.

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I am trying to troubleshoot a problem in which Retrospect seems not to be backing up the files it is supposed to according to a rule set. To do this I do the following, which shows the bug:


1. Click the Backup icon at the top left corner of the main Retrospect screen.


2. Click Continue, then select the source and choose a rule set (other than All Files) from the desired dropdown.


3. Click the Browse button beside the selected source, then immediately click Done, without changing anything or expanding anything.


4. Observe the Rules dropdown changes to Manual File Selection, then after a second changes again to All Files.


5. Change the Rules dropdown back to the desired rule set, then Continue.


6. Select the target media set and Continue.


7. Now you're on the Summary page. Confirm that the rule set displayed is the correct one. Click Preview and then Done, again without changing anything. Observe that the rule set is now Manual File Selection.


The bugs observed in (4) and (7) make it impossible to preview the result of applying the rule to the media set. (If you do expand things when Previewing, nothing is marked as selected to back up.)


Expected behaviour: Preview should show what parts of the selected source will be backed up by the selected rule set.


Observed behaviour: Preview shows that nothing will be backed up, and changes which rule set has been selected.

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