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Network share usage and total size do not update


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Problem Description:

I've just added several TB to the NAS volume that holds some of my backups. The updated size is not reflected in the console, which displays the original size and free space from the day the share was added.


As a side effect, attempting to create a new Disk-based media set on this volume or editing a disk set member limits the size to the original amount of free space on the volume.


To work around the issue, it is necessary to delete the network share and recreate it with identical settings.


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Fill up a network share (AFP or SMB) to 900GB of 1TB
  2. Add the network share to Retrospect
  3. Add 1TB of storage to share (eg migrate to new storage) or delete 500 GB of data
  4. Attempt to create new Disk-based Media Set with 500GB of space on it

Desired Result:

Can create media set that will consume all available space at time of backup, or media set that is limited by new available space


Actual Result:

Media Set is limited to 100 GB, or 100% of old free space.



Delete share. Recreate with same settings.


Desired Behavior:

Allow the "Refresh" button to update the share's space usage.


Environment Details:

  • Retrospect 10.1.0 (221) on MacOS 10.6.8
  • Shares are AFP (netatalk) and SMB (samba) hosted on ZFS volumes from FreeBSD box
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