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Upgraded client OS, now getting error -525 (wrong client)

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Hi all,


I recently upgraded a client machine from CentOS 5.9 to CentOS 6.4 (x86_64). The installation for the Retrospect client worked once the x86 libraries were installed:


yum install libgcc.i686

rpm -i Linux_Client-7_6_100.rpm

However, the Retrospect server (v8.2.0 399) throws an error when running any scripts with that client as a source. The error thrown is -525 (wrong client found at that address).


This error seems understandable but I'm wondering what my next steps should be. I have seen it suggested on the forums that I should remove the source and re-add it. Would this break or remove my scripts and/or media sets?




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Thanks for the reply.


By removing the client, I'm assuming you mean removing it as a source. No, I have not tried that yet, primarily because I am worried that it would remove my scripts and/or media sets. There is also my worry that even if the scripts and media sets remain, associating the old scripts and media sets with the 'new' client will not work.


I have had lots of trouble with media sets e.g. a script forgets its media set so I add it back only to have the script refuse to use the media set. In those cases I usually end up creating new scripts and/or media sets (with new names because Retrospect does not seem to like you using previously used names even after deleting scripts/media sets). I would like to avoid that trouble here as this client (a large file server) has many associated scripts and media sets.

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You could try refreshing the client by just adding it again without removing it first. I know that if you have a client with multiple IP addresses and when you add it a second time it uses the second IP address so just re-adding the client might be all you need to do. You would not have to change any scripts as Retrospect would only be updating the client's information.

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I tried refreshing the client but that did not work (it does have multiple IP addresses as it happens). I ended up removing and re-adding the Source, redefining the favorite folders, and tying up the scripts to the folders. Most of the scripts now seem to be working although I am getting a few -1101 errors. I think I know how to fix those though.



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