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Mac shares - halting nag about which volume to mount

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I am using Retrospect 10. I have created a couple new Sources of type "Share" (Sources > Add > Share) on Mac 10.5 computers. I enter the required info:

- Share address: afp://serverName/shareName

- tick "Registered User"

- enter valid credentials in Name and Password fields


The Source is created with no complaint. When I go to browse the contents of this new source, the mac dialog pops up "Select the volumes you want to mount on "serverName". The correct share is highlighted in the list, but you have to click OK for the operation to proceed. This is the typical mac dialog when you connect to a share and don't specify the share name. But in the creation of this source, I clearly specified the shareName, and the name of it in the Retrospect source list is the shareName. Similarly, when I run a manual backup and select this share as a source, the same dialog pops up, and nothing happens until I click OK to select the share.


My scripted backups using these sources are hanging until these dialogs are dismissed.


Why is Retrospect not properly mounting these shares?


Thanks for any insight.


- eric

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One additional observation - even when I create a new media set, I get a "Select the volumes you want to mount on "serverName" dialog box for *every* share I have defined in my Source list. Even though a new media set is not associated with *any* source at its creation.

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