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New hardware & hidden partitions


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I am currently trying the 45 day trial of Retrospect 8 and I have a couple of questions.


When I first set up the backup there was no option or indication of backin up hidden partitions. And now as I am doing a test restore to a different machine (from windowsPE in a baremetal state) I had to manually create the partition which doesn't include the hidden partition so I already know this restore is going to fail. What is the best way of handling the hidden partitions?


Also for restoring to different hardware I see there is the addon that enables the option within WindowsPE (and I assume in the retrospect program when restoring to a client) but I only see the addon availible for server and disk to disk editions. What about the professional version for workstation backup?


I also read that you can install windows to a client computer, install client, and do a full restore that way. Does that work for restoring MBR's and complete system states? If so that woulds solve both of these issues.


Thanks in advance!

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The Dissimilar Hardware Restore add-on works for Retrospect Professional as well. Because of the Windows configurations that need to be made, Dissimilar Hardware Restore can only be invoked by booting with Retrospect Emergency Recovery Disc (i.e. in WinPE).


For the hidden partitions that are required to boot Windows, such as Windows 7's boot partition containing bootmgr and BCD, their contents are backed up by Retrospect if the "Back Up System State" option is explicitly enabled in the backup options, or automatically enabled by selecting the "Operating System and Applications" for the types of files to back up (see http://www.retrospect.com/en/documentation/user_guide/win8/immediate_operations#50458633_30654). During Disaster Recovery, you can create the partitions and Retrospect will restore them as part of the system state (see http://www.retrospect.com/en/documentation/user_guide/win8/disaster_recovery#using-the-retrospect-emergency-recovery-disc).


For the hidden partitions that aren't required to boot Windows, such as PC manufacturer's specific factory recovery tool and image partitions, often they aren't applicable to a different machine. If you would like to make them visible to Windows for Retrospect to back up, try assigning drive letters to them using Windows: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ie/windows7/change-add-or-remove-a-drive-letter.

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David, when I was looking at the purchasing pages for Retrospect today, I did not see how to purchase the Dissimilar Hardware Restore add-on for Professional so it is not clear how to order it for Professional and if there is a different price for it from the other two offerings. Can you clarify or point us in the right direction?


Thanks for the references above too; I've looked for this information a couple of times before and it is hasn't been clearly documented in the documentation as far as I've been to discern.

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