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Don Lee

more than one proactive "schedule" does not work

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I have a proactive that runs on the weekend, but wanted it to run *now* to test recent changes. I went to the "schedule" tab on the script, and added a second "schedule" by pushing the "+". I set it to be active on thursday (today), and planned to remove the second "schedule" when the backup ran.


When I pressed "save", the "thursday" schedule **replaced** the weekend schedule, rather than being added to it. (two entries)


I have yet to have two entries in the schedule that work. If there is a "+" button, it should work. If it doesn't work, it should be disabled.

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I just tried this and had a different experience. I successfully added a second schedule to a proactive script, and was thinking that the bug must be related to your setup. However, when I deleted the extraneous schedule, the previously-existing schedule ended up having a combination of the two schedules. It still had the original times of day, but the active days changed to match the deleted schedule. Clearly something wacky here.

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