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AFP NAS problem - stuck volume overrides all

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I have been trying to get several AFP shares to work. I have several local machines running Mac OS X, and a couple of NetBSD servers running Netatalk.


The problem I have is that once I choose a "source" at a particular URL -

afp://mercy/backup, for instance, that is the ONLY volume that retro will mount.

No matter the URL I give to retro, it will only mount that share.


If I unmount the share (from inside retro) and re-mount a different AFP volume,

I can "browse" the contents, and I get the "other" volume.


Sometimes I can get a second volume to mount. However, the data (if I

browse the content) is actually the "stuck" volume.


On occassion, I can mount a second volume while the first is still mounted,

but the volume name comes up as a duplicate of the "stuck" one.


it appears that restarting the engine can *sometimes" free up retro to mount a different volume without unmounting the "stuck" one, but the name of the volume is always the same as the stuck one (regardless of what volume I choose)


This is a pretty serious bug. It makes it impossible to put these NAS shares on a backup schedule.

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