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Multiserver client/server compatibility between 7.7 and 8

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We have the business requirement to have a Windows 2012 box added to our Retrospect backup architecture.


Windows 2012 is only compatible if Retrospect Client 8 is used.


However we are still using Retrospect Server 7.7.


Is this setup, having clients in versions 7.7 and 8 being administrated by a Server 7.7 machine, compatible or allowable?


We don't want to be forced to upgrade the server version, and all the client versions, if Server 8 is not compatible with Client 7.7, if not absolutely necessary.


I cannot find any documentation to support or condone this type of setup.

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I only use the Professional version of Retrospect but using Retrospect 7.7 Professional I have been able to backup a Windows 8 Pro PC with Retrospect Client 8.1 and also do a Files and Folders restore through the client software. (I didn't try a Rollback restore.) I doubt this configuration is officially supported but it worked for me.


Even though Windows 8 Pro clients were not officially supported untill Retrospec 8 Pro I was able to sucessfully backup and restore them with Retrospect 7.7 Professional.

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I suspect Retro 7.7 will not play nicely with some of the new features in 8. Especially the Instant Scan Technology. You may need to turn that off on the client.


See the above for advanced options with ISA.


And probably some of the new Client features will not work, like on demand restore, but may not actually break anything

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