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Can't backup Manually selected files

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I select the drive, check the boxes of the 2 files I want to back up, and click ok.


The bar at the bottom of the window says Manual Selection, and then 2 seconds later it changes to All FIles. If I go look at the drive, it still only has the 2 files selected, and if I go do a copy it tries to copy the ENTIRE raid !


I am on Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and Retro 10.1. I also have my old Lion backup in my system so I can try that.


Any ideas?


Thanks in Advance...


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This is bug 3692 and we are investigating. In the interim, an admittedly rough workaround is to select those 2 files' parent folder and click "Add to Favorite Folders", and then back to the "What do you want to back up" screen and check the box for that folder. If that folder contains some files to back up and other files to exclude, you can add a rule via Preferences > Rules > + > Any of the following are true > + > specify the rules for what to include.

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Our intention is in roughly 3 months but that may change depend on how many fixes and enhancements we decide to include based on customer feedback.


Any updates on when a revision is coming? I need to upgrade to 10.8.3 and this is the only issue preventing us from doing so.

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