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catalog from mac to windows

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Is it possible to recover data from a Retrospect 5 app. installed on a PC running Windows XP, from a catalog file created while the Retrospect was used on a G4 running 9.2?


I copied the Mac catalog file to the PC and it doesn't show in the Retrospect dialog box.

I would have hoped the catalog, as a simple index, would have been recognized by the PC.


Because of a faulty Dat drive using DDS3 tapes (4mm 12-24Gb), I have difficulty finding a refurbished Dat drive working on a Mac platform, while for PC, picking one is a breeze.


Comments anyone.

Of course no need to mention that we do backup to HD now.



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Retrospect 5.x for Windows data is only readable by Retrospect 5.x or later for Windows. You can not use that data on a Macintosh.

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