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Catalog Out Of Sync - and won't repair

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G4 Xserve (10.2.8 Server) with an X-RAID partition of 840 GB and Retro

Server 5.0.205.


The last 3 Backup Sets I've created have had "Catalog Out Of Sync" errors.

While it would seem that a simple "Sync Catalog" fix would do the trick this

is far from the case. After Retrospect Server reports a successful fix a

backup is run and the same errors are given.


First and foremost I'd like to know how to fix it.


I'd also like to know why it happens so that I can possibly fix the

situation in the future to make sure it doesn't happen again.


Anyone have any suggestions?




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First of all update to 5.0.238.


Retrospect 5.0 was never tested with Xserve raid. I believe the official word is that it is unsupported. You may want to try the trial version of Retrospect 6.0 to see if the problems continue. That will at least help narrow down the cause.



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Short version: I think you need Retrospect 6.



Long version.


Retrospect 5 has a hard limit of 2 GB for the file catalog size, and 1 TB for the amount of data in the backup set. You are probably close to both!


I personally have hit the 2 GB limit and I was very confused by the way Retrospect failed, with problems much as you describe. Large backups always gave the out-of-sync error because Retrospect could not add the information to the catalog. Small backups would actually work, because Retrospect could squeeze the information into the remaining space. I trashed a whole backup set because I thought there was a corruption problem, when in fact the problem was the backup set was "full".

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