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Retro console should not make unsolicited offer to upgrade engine

Don Lee

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When the 10.0 console is connected to a 9.0 engine, it occasionally offers to upgrade the engine by putting up a dialog box. For some of my installs, the connection is pretty slow, and doing the upgrade would be dicey at best, and in any case, the last thing I want is to "accidentally" hit "return" on one of these dialogs, and start an upgrade process that I may or may not be able to abort before it does something I don't want.


I have not experimented with this, for obvious reasons.


I don't think the engine should make these offers that can so easily be accepted. At minimum, there should be a way to "turn them off". Some of my installs will be stuck on v9 for some time, and the whining from the console will be an unnecessary annoyance.


Yes, the console should be able to upgrade the engines, but the operation is very rare, and should be explicit.

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I addressed this in the post linked to below, but we are indeed fixing the workflow for updating servers. The next release will only ask once for that server; after that, it'll simply display a small update icon next to the server.



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