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Copy Media Set results to Needs Media

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Version: Retrospect 10.0.1

Media Set Type: Disk


My on-site backups (OSX 10.6.8 XServe Xeon) to attached storage (Drobo) function without any problems. For off-site storage, I added a AFP Share to the Source list that comes from my off-site AFP server (OSX 10.6.8 XServe Xeon) with attached storage (Drobo). I can successfully Browse the contents of and create Disk Media Sets to the off-site Share from within the Retrospect console.


My intention is to use a Copy Media Set script to make a weekly copy of my on-site Media Sets to the off-site location. However, when I start the Copy Media Set script, I'm always prompted with Needs Media. When I click the Choose Media button, the window says Can't find '1-myoffsitemediaset'. Locate Member or add a new one. I can clearly see the 1-myoffsitemediaset and I can use the Add button to make a new one, but the script still says Needs Media.


Additional details:

-The Catalogs for my on-site and off-site disk media sets are saved on my on-site server.

-A restart to the on-site and off-site server has no effect.

-I deleted the script, Disk Media Set, Catalog and recreated them all w/o success.

-I've successfully used this method on a previous Retrospect 8.2 server but it became unreliable with 9 50% of the time (same Needs Media error). I upgraded to 10 in hopes it would work again.


If my approach to making an off-site copy of the Media Set's is flawed, do you have any suggestions?


Attached is a screenshot of the Summary screen to this particular script.


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