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Why isn't Retrospect 8.0 called Retrospect 7.8a?


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Two years ago I bought Retrospect Windows Server 7.7 for SBS with Value Pack.

I also paid for one year support.

None of the ten reported problems / bugs where fixed in this period.


I recently contacted Sales, with the question why user who bought version 7.7 should pay more then 50% of the purchase price again? The answer was: User Restore (which I already owned) and other new features. I only want my bugs fixed!

In my opinion this version should have been published two years ago, and free!

The delay is due to ....?


Further more: reading the forum, even the bugs they mentioned as fixed, like the Grooming bug, are still there. Now they start pushing 8.1 (internal version?) to customers. What a mess.

And even the most necessary fixes: the Preference file and Retrospect running as a Service, aren't even implemented.


So please Retrospect, give buyers of 7.7 a free """"Upgrade"""".

Running 8.x, I will send you, as always, extensive bug / test reports.




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I'd advise people skip 8.0 and go straight to 8.1. The latter version doesn't crash nightly for a start.


On a clean backup set grooming seems to work fine too, although I'm not completely convinced Instant Scan is actually backing up ALL my data, which is worrying! :s


I agree that users shouldn't be paying for bug fixes, there are some new features though, some of these new features actually work too! :)



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